As a whole, we, the salon, will prioritize continued education, consistency and creating a luxurious, laid-back experience for our guests. We believe looking great when you leave the salon is equally as important as being able to recreate the look at home. We are able to be the brand we create by prioritizing the guest's experience by educating on what we are doing, how we are doing it, and what tools and products are needed to achieve


your dream hair everyday




At the end of the day we focus on one thing: how you feel. Our goal is for every guest to leave in a better mood than they arrived with.

We personalize your experience through an in depth consultation, a custom hair plan to fit your lifestyle, and a conversation about more than hair. 

Lucy's Cut and Color Bar signifies more than just beautiful hair, we want you to not only leave the salon looking your best, but we want you to feel your best!


Introducing Our Artists

Salon Owner, Master Stylist
IBE Extension stylist 


I am passionate about doing hair because I love getting to be the best part of someone’s day! My love for hair color and design started while diving deep into continued education. I became obsessed with the art of doing hair through continued education. 

My favorite service is definitely a hair extension transformation paired with a low maintenance color. Seeing my guest’s face light up after such a simple change is everything. Hair extensions can change a woman’s life in the best way. 

Specializing in low maintenance dimensional hair color goes hand in hand with offering an extension method that matches my vision.

I began offering Invisible Bead Extensions because our community was in dire need of a stylist who specializes in a luxury hair extension method. I was not alone when discovering stress and life changes altered my hair completely and I knew a safe extension method was the answer to not only my own insecurities but also so many women within my community.

"do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life"



Specializing in dimensional hair, hair cuts, and styling. I prioritize investing time into my continued education as much as my guests invest in me. 

My favorite service is bridal styling. I am passionate about making the day of as stress free as possible. I absolutely adore being at the heart of the big day giving my brides the look they’ve always dreamt of. 

I’ve always had a passion for making people feel like the best versions of themselves. I was that girl growing up who did all of her friends/family’s before an important event. It seemed like such a natural path for me to take once I finished high school!

I’ve always had a passion for people seeing the best version of themselves in my chair. I love giving amazing hair while also investing in my clients inner beauty.

hanu michel


Hanu is currently enrolled in our co-stylist program.  As a part of our co-stylist team, she is fully immersed in all of our salon services in tandem with our stylists while refining & enhancing her skills. Hanu joins us from Mississippi and is a natural behind the chair.  She is an avid lover of hair color and bridal styling.

Hanu is accepting new guests in 2023. 


experience luxury

Our time is yours, relax and unwind in our peaceful salon environment and truly experience a luxurious salon visit

salon assistant program

Interested in learning from a color-obsessed, well-rounded stylist?

Our Assistant Program is the "Master's Degree" for your career in Cosmetology where you will be fully immersed in salon life and refine your skills.

-Traditional schooling teaches you the basics of how to pass your board exams which is necessary but it is not enough to be immediately successful behind the chair

-You will be able to skip the “trail and error” part of your career. You will be fully immersed in real life experience and have the skills needed to create a flawless execution upon completion of your Master's program.

-Be trained in salon etiquette and consultation skills which will ultimately boost your confidence sky rocketing your career.

-Built in client base from the start to help your build your book, grow your confidence, grow your income, and establish professional relationships and put your skills into motion prior to having a full clientele.

- You will learn productivity skills of how to make money and be successful behind the chair. We teach stylists to take their hobby and turn it into a passionate career.

-You are receiving free education your stylist has invested thousands of dollars in they are willing to teach and share with you.

-You will be able to earn protégé shifts while assisting to begin building your books early.





You have found us through social media, online channels or guest referrals and you are definitely ready to make the leap to schedule an appointment. Now you're here on our website where you will find a portal for our online booking as well as our pre-appointment questionnaire. Through this form, your voice will be heard and you will get to tell us all about yourself, what you're looking for and what troubles you are currently facing with your hair and lifestyle. 


The day has come! It is time for her appointment. She is greeted at her appointment with a warm smile and invited to join her stylist in her chair. The stylist recognizes that she took the time to fill out her pre-appointment consultation and acknowledges the answers provided. They dive in what her goals, maintenance, and end goal would be and spends some time chatting about the struggles with her existing hair color, cut, styling or extensions to offer solutions prior to even starting so the guest is fully aware of the plan and knows we will touch base on all these topics throughout her appointment. A beauty budget would be established during the consultation. After the consultation, the guest would be offered a beverage including a coffee, hot tea, spritzer, or a glass of water plus an open snack bar if they need it. Then the magic happens. 


The most relaxing part, after their color service the guest would be escorted up to the shampoo area to sit back and unwind. We have reclining shampoo chairs and hot towels for the base of the neck to make sure the entire experience is comfortable the entire time. We will take the time to perform a luxurious scalp massage. A guest should expect two shampoos, a conditioner and a custom treatment if they opted out of a hair cut that day. 


Depending on the service we have selected, this is the best part! We will complete the color, cut or extension install at this stage.


We pride ourselves on educating the guest on how to recreate their salon look at home. We will touch base again on the products used and needed to achieve their look at home as well as maintain the health of their hair at home in preparation for future visits. The guest will be instructed on how to blow dry and heat style their hair at home. The guest will have an opportunity to purchase necessary products for styling at the end of the appointment. 


We Believe In...









We are passionate about educating our clients on how to recreate their salon look at home and providing value to their service. It is more than just getting a new hair color.

We are trustworthy because we are educated and certain of our suggestions or expertise. Our guests trust that we can deliver her vision of a perfect hair color or extension transformation.

We are really passionate about everything we do from start to finish. We strive to make sure everyone is heard, happy, and receives the outcome promised.

While we take our profession very seriously, we want to provide real life situations and we aren’t perfect for social media. We want to be seen as a human and all of our quirks. 

Your Burning Questions

What is the best way to schedule an appointment with Lucy’s? 

We offer convenient online booking and do ask you to fill out your pre-appointment questionnaire prior to your appointment being accepted so we can ensure your stylist has ample time to dedicate to your transformation and can prepare ahead of time!

How to select the best stylist for your transformation? 

No worries! We will help you pick the best stylist based on your vision and their expertise. Be sure to fill out our pre-appointment questionnaire to help us get to know you first!  

How to inquire about your Bridal Styling Package? 

We have a bridal inquiry form we require our brides to fill out to let us know what services you are looking to receive and get your information, date, details, etc. The more details, the better! 

The date I wanted to schedule my appointment is fully booked, what now? 

We recommend adding your appointment request to our waitlist. If we have a cancellation, you’ll be sure to know first! We recommend still booking an additional appointment for what works for your schedule but we utilize our Waitlist to fill any last minute changes in our schedule. 

The stylist I normally book with is totally booked and I need to reschedule or get in sooner, can I schedule with another provider? 

Absolutely! We are a team! All employees have access to your hair color formulas & notes. We communicate with each other when life happens so you won’t have to worry if another stylist would need to step in. We work together and there are no hard feelings between any of us! 


We know you'll be as obsessed as we are! You can read more about the IBE experience on our extensions page HERE and go over our FAQs. Once you're all in, you can fill out our Invisible Bead Extensions Application.





Everyone's Talking About It

I had such an amazing experience at this salon! Clare gave me the perfect low maintenance, gorgeous blonde coloring. The salon is very cute and clean. I also purchased a shampoo here to keep my color looking fresh until the next appointment. I would highly recommend going to Clare for all of your hair needs.

- Rene

Clare is a fabulous hairstylist! She is not only talented, but she listens to what you want and then works her hair magic on you. I trust Clare with not only my hair, but my young daughter's hair as well. She is professional, kind, friendly, and funny. It took me years to find a hairstylist I liked and trusted and I am so happy to have found Clare.


Clare has been coloring and styling my hair for several years now. I am always 100% satisfied. She listens and understands what I am communicating and gives honest suggestions. I am so comfortable with Clare’s abilities as a hair stylist I often tell her to do whatever she thinks will look best. Recently went from being a blonde (for 30 + years) to having red/auburn colored hair. Couldn’t be happier with the results.


Lucy's Cut and Color Bar is a clean and welcoming space. My stylist goes above and beyond to make sure I am 100% satisfied with my services. Recently, I have been getting a balayage with highlights and my hair grows out perfectly until I'm ready for my next visit. I have been following Clare's extension services with Invisible Bead Extensions and you can tell by the time and education she is offering the best of the best. You won't regret choosing Lucy's Salon for your extension, hair coloring, or hair cutting needs. This salon values continued education and you can tell!


Clare does an exceptional job with color and cut. I am a regular customer, every 4 weeks, and I will not switch to anyone else. She maintains a clean salon, which is pretty and up to date. Appts. Are on time. She uses notch products. Caters to the customer. I recommend this service to anyone who is looking for someone who knows how to cut, color and style hair.


My favorite part about Lucy's Salon is that it is always extremely clean and well kept. They do a great job at hair color, especially my highlights. Their hair extension services are innovative and cutting edge. Clare is my stylist and she frequently goes to continuing education classes which I really appreciate because I have a natural wave and frizz that needs to be controlled. Clare colors my hair and even though I'm no longer young, I still want my hair color to be "hip". Lastly, I have really enjoyed the new product line they are carrying "Goldie Locks". It's the best products I've used.


Clare is patient, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to meet all of my beauty requests. She has what it takes to deliver an excellent customer experience!


So incredibly impressed by Clare’s knowledge and expertise for all things hair. My hair looks better than ever because of her! Besides the most beautiful cut and color that complement my skin tone and face shape, she also explained what she was doing and how to go about styling my hair. I love a stylist that I can trust to choose things that will look the best and Clare is definitely that person. 10/10 recommend. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


I have been going to Clare since I was about 12 years old and now I am almost 22! She has done almost everything imaginable to my hair (I am naturally a dark brunette for reference), from going blonde, to going black, bangs, lob, bob, balayage, red, etc. Every time I see her it’s a great experience. She always helps me when I am undecided or she will tell me the truth on what I want/on certain products. She will never steer you wrong and wants to make sure you leave the salon happy! Highly recommend her services, her advice, and her salon! She does phenomenal work and is an expert in this field!


Clare is absolutely amazing! I’ve been having her work her magic on my hair for over a year now and it’s never been this healthy in my entire life! I always leave the salon so pumped. I get so many compliments on her work! I’ve highlighted my hair for 15 years and the past year has been the best ever! It’s longer and healthier than it’s ever been. She blends it so well to where I can go much longer between appointments than I ever did elsewhere. Her salon is beautiful and her customer experience is unmatched!! If you’re considering booking with Lucy’s cut and color bar, hurry and do it! You won’t regret it!


I feel welcomed into this salon every time I come. I love the conversation! I also love that I come out with some realistic tips on how to style my hair at home based on my lifestyle.



a picture is worth a thousand words